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// a subscript number be used on every sentence to make each sentence referenceable //

So, like hovering on the sentence would actually show that subscript? Btw., multi-lingualism complicates the matters, but it's definitely a great and important feature -- much better than hierarchical comments. After all, each comment can simultaneously be a response to multiple other comments -- it's like a network more than a tree.

I would like a subscript number be used on every sentence to make each sentence referenceable. Perhaps clicking on it creates a quote in the comment box.

Furthermore, a button "Cashout" next to "P&L" on user profile would complete the journey of "working on ideas in society" by enabling to transfer money from 0oo virtual wallet to an online bank of that user.

Virtual Wallet is something I'd like to explore too at least as a thought process imagining how would it look like on a user experience side (e.g. I click a button and x happens). We could then sketch it on Google Slides, test it with real people (I'm up for it!!) and then make a plan if it's feasable to develop technically in future.

I feel it's useful to enable people to collect money thru 0oo from investors and then transfer that money to their banks, so that they can spend it in a real world today.

How about polishing User Profiles to showcase a "wholeness" of a person and where they are making impact in the world?

I mean, a profile should give a summary of where in the self-actualisation journey an individual is:

  • P&L Balance

Showing how much hours they declared and how much they got as an investment. Balance should always be aimed for "0" as equality between input and output. If it shows "-", it is a good indicator that someone from 0oo community simply needs to fund this person, to bring them to balance. On society level, when 0.5 bn people use 0oo, this feature would lift a human race from struggle to abundance and enable working on ideas!

A user profile also should give a summary of what an individual deeply cares about and how they contribute to the collective whole:

  • Meta Categories

  • Projects, Latest Results

  • Ideas

  • Questions

I suggest this order because it goes from zoom-out view ("Meta Categories") to zoom-in view (practical stuff like "Projects") and then into a zoom-out view again (a background story like "Ideas and Questions"). This order was brainstormed with [justinmiyamoto].

Overall, profiles would give people hope and confidence in their ability to contribute to the world's course (Projects), showcase links with a global community (Ideas, Questions) and enable people to live on ideas (personal P&L).

I'm really motivated by this Feature and would love to explore together how we could visualise this! Welcome your thoughts :)

[justinmiyamoto], well, we have got to have file uploads, ideally we'd provide extra cryptographic proofs of authenticity that way (whatever not provided by links), and it's not as hard, definitely, one of the things to do next. Though, to conform with the style of 0oo, we'd likely only have file previews on mouse hover, as we're focused on helping textual ideas, and want to avoid the distractions as much as possible ;)

For mainstream appeal, I feel like the ability to upload and share images in the posts and comments is a must. But I understand if that's a hard task and if that's not the direction of 0oo.

Categories are supposed to work this way -- i.e., if you have some "Quora-like question" -- it's a category.

You may ask, how is category -- a question? Categories are questions to retrieve all items in category. For example, category: "Nanotechnology" in form of question would be "What items do we have about Nanotechnology?"

I think, we should review the old video about, and pick some ideas from there.

0oo UI should encourage people to "move from thought to action". for me, personally, it would be cool to have a section "Chaos" before "Categories" which would allow a Feedback Seeker to post random questions/ideas (like on Quora but more for research questions), and 0oo community would reply with comments. as a result, a Feedback Seeker would synthesise thoughts and later rephrase a crappy question into the one that fits categories. because synthesis happens when people are thinking together.