Guaranteed Profitibility

Profitability determines whether or not some thing gets done

YAML Interest

People don't do things for at cost. We're motivated by profit.

How do we guarantee profitability?

Child categories: The definition of profit.

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Bob: Pointing his laser pen towards a spinning black hole, and wondering, how to do so that it would always return with more energy than my laser puts in.

Alice: (Affixes perpendicular prisms to Bob's laser pointer, controlled by a program to point directly above the event horizon of the black hole for boomerang geodesic) -- Now, no matter which direction you point -- guaranteed profitability, for both of us!

Bob: I'm getting paid for whatever I do!

Alice: (Creates an incentive structure in her governance on the ship to ensure that there are always just enough people who happen to care to do what's needed naturally.) -- Now, look, no matter how many people do whatever they want, there will always be just enough of those that come to fix the systems because of their natural curiosity and interest before they break, so everyone gets to do what they want, end enjoy the profit.

Bob: That's magic, thanks Alice!