Making Sure We Use Time Effectively

How to make sure that we maximize utility of our time?

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Every day, humanity spends %%>1.37%% mln. years of subjective wakeful time (16 hours x 7.5 bn. people). Given one efficient genius, this amount of personal time may be sufficient to create wonders, to recreate all technologies that we have created in the recent millenia of humanity's evolution. Why we don't have faster progress, converting all those new discoveries from labs to mass production in seconds?

Some people spend that time in useful ways, some not. It is important to analyze how do the most efficient people spend their time, and see how we could adopt the productivity and wisdom patterns they use more broadly, and create scaling infrastructures to make humanity accelerate the progress much more efficiently than today.

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Don't read random books that people give you, read books that build up a theme.

What is useful for one and everyone?

Television has to change. Programming is currently dumb or for the common denominator. Work takes up the majority of people's waking hours, so working hours have to change also. Perhaps to a four day working week. Then finally people have time and energy to create things.

This cannot be understated. Our time is limited, and unless we learn to make more of time (I mean, literally, working on extending life), we will run out of it. So, a vote for this.