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Promote a deep connection with all living world YAML Project Produce

In a divided world, creating an ecosystem of micro-communities spreads "WE" thinking. SAME is a community that maps 195 people spread across the world. 1 from each location. Each member develops a community project of their own.

What we believe:

  • Spiritual Ecology. Express your creative superpower through 5 Elements: Energy, Water, Air, Fire, Soil.

  • Spontaneous Cooperation. Help each other.

  • Living Systems. We are all the same on a fundamental level.

  • Connected World. Spark ideas locally, grow globally.

We're a project that incubates at Design Science Studio.

CoCreators: Ruta Danyte (Lithuania/Ireland), Malu Duque (Colombia/Argentina)

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so far our members come from Lithuania, Argentina, Colombia, US, France, Ireland, UK, Poland, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Sakha Republic, Kenya, Brasil

Welcome [malü] to 0oo! So cool to showcase our SAME project here. I see you added some other deep questions too. Cool :) Lets explore!

Hello! How exciting to be here and use the platform to continue learning! :)

Hola! Que emocionante estar aquí y usar la plataforma para seguir aprendiendo!! :)

"154. This is the number of different nationalities living in Lithuania" says project. It'd be interesting to talk to all of them and get introduced to people in their motherlands!

Amazing to know. Curiously looking forward to the updates~ ;)

Me and Malü showcased this project as a presentation "Community as Geometric Forms of Cells and Mycelium" at Design Science Studio all-day event on Saturday. Slides could be shared here soon!

On making forms and embedding views of Airtable. ([1], [2], [3]).

[Mindey], thank you so much for sending 3 videos on how to create an Airtable form and how to embed answers as blocks-grid to website!