Methods: HiveCell.


The HiveCell Project P&L: -24 (≃ -243 USD)

Enable humans live comfortably, freely and safely and cheaper directly on Earth and beyond, without buildings or cars. YAML Project Produce

Production line for the HiveCells.

1. In 5 years, hundreds of millions of people moving from living in houses, to directly inhabitating earth with HiveCells.

currently: I have:

  • A little bit of Autodesk Inventor Skills
  • Some early prototypes.

Oh, actually, here' a video description from my G+ group:

The concept is based on idea of a capsule hotel on the wheels, that can connect into buildings like beehive. Trello:

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I'd love to see HiveCell including "portable home office" feature (it could link with Kokonai project )

When you need to go to work in an different hivecell to be with other people, you could have an app on your phone to schedule your hivecell to swing by at say 5:34pm ready for you.

In the case of COVID19, capsule cars are especially needed~


The load needs to consider the weight of the equipment that needs to be increased when adding functions in the future (maybe more and more?)


It seems to me that the bottom could just be made of stainless steel sheet, and due to its small dimensions, that 1-2 mm sheet will be strong enough to withstand the required loads.

Man atrodo, kad dugną galima būtų tiesiog pasigaminti iš nerūdyjančio plieno skardos, ir dėl mažų gabaritų, ta 1-2 mm skarda bus pakankamai stipri atlaikyti reikiamas apkrovas.

And, actually we have about {3} hours of input with Autodesk Inventor and YouTube.

{0.5} You can also look at the project, which has a video on first instance of this idea.